Why Actions?

Actions are recorded steps that professional photographers use to edit their images. These steps are then made into “actions”, which will allow any Photoshop user to replicate the editing process with a click of a button – literally.

Why Union Actions?

A drawback to some actions is that they don’t perform their editing on a separate layer – meaning that all those edits you do are permanently attached to the top layer of your photo.

With UA, all actions are collected in a Group. This is good for two reasons:

1. The actions are entirely reversible, meaning that at any point in time, you can temporarily disable (or completely delete) your actions. This kind of flexibility is a huge asset to any photographer.

2. The actions are customizable. Since every photo has different colors and tones, the look of an action can vary greatly between images. Every action by UA automatically adds a layer mask – this means that you can easily mask out parts of your photo that you don’t want affected. If you use a low opacity masking brush, you can also just lessen the effect rather than removing it completely. This allows you to give your photo a customized enhancement.

Will These Actions Work for Every Image?

As mentioned above, every photo is different – from the colors to the tones, and also the mood and subject matter. So while our actions will look incredible on most images, it’s not meant as a catch-all enhancement that will look uniform across the board.

For example, an action that increases saturation and tightens your levels will look great on a flat image, but may be too powerful on a photo that already has a solid tonal range, and will start to blow out some highlights.

The best part about Union Actions is that there are plenty to choose from – so if a certain action isn’t all that impressive on one image, you can easily find another action that is.

Will Union Actions Give Me Pro-Level Images?

While Union Actions can greatly enhance an image, they can’t create a beautiful photo out of thin air. The computer adage “GIGO” (garbage in, garbage out) applies to photography as well – a subpar image before using our actions will only give you a subpar image that’s been enhanced.

You can also think of it this way – actions should improve an image, not fix it. The less you have to correct in post process, the more time you’ll have to enhance an already-successful photo.

Our sister site, The Photo Argus, is chock-full of free valuable photography tutorials than can help improve your photography technique so that you can start taking pro-level photos before you run our actions.